Jobs for Dogs™

Jobs for Dogs™

Defined Behaviour Training

Just like with our Puppy training our defined Behaviour training takes place during our specialized version of “dog daycare”, called Jobs 4 Dogs. A regular schedule of day long intervention mixed with fun, that is one on one with our trainer and caregivers. Issues with basic family manners are the leading cause of family/pet strife. Everything from a dog that refuses to come back, stay or drop stolen items, leash behaviour or poor reactions to new things, are all things that can be alleviated with better training in family manners. Our trainer will work with you to focus on 1 defined behaviour at a time to tackle issues you may be having with you and your families enjoyment of your pet.

Staff Notes – A dog that doesn’t quite have the experience or social skills to be in a group that enjoys J4D Enriched, can start with Defined Behaviour Training and the behaviour that is being worked on would be their ability to socialize in the larger groups (we call larger 5).

If indeed with training and correction, they are able to join the group, then they can switch to J4D enrichment, or remain in J4D-Behaviour to enjoy enrichment & their training on other individual behaviours.

Jobs for Dogs™- Fun for One

There will be dogs that try J4D behaviour and we establish that they will never be comfortable in group play. They then would join J4D-Fun for One.