We have created an oasis of relaxation for your furry loved one. At The Royal Pets Hotel your cat will feel as relaxed on your vacation as you are. When you are away your feline friend takes their guarding duties at home very seriously. For that reason we have created a calm environment where you can bring your cat and they don’t stress about being “on duty”.

Cat Boarding at it’s best


  • Fully climate controlled hotel

  • Individual suites, not prefab “cat condos” or cages

  • Windows in every single suite

  • Heated window seat/bed with memory foam mattress

  • Multiple height sleeping options

  • Hidey place for those moments of privacy

  • Exclusive use of attached outside fully enclosed porch (fenced )

  • Calming music played throughout hotel

  • Full maid and laundry service

  • Room Service (our standard is 2 times a day according to your instructions, more often as requested)

  • Litter management – we provide the litter, cleaning and disposal


  • Ability to explore both the indoors and outside (individual fully screened outdoors porch, no access during snow months)

  • porches screened on all sides (including top to allow for maximum opportunities to sunbathe)

  • No direct encounters with feline neighbours

  • Spacious personal space

  • Cats are encouraged to explore the hotel , in turn.

  • Games and fetch as your cat desires

  • Gardens surrounding hotel to encourage, butterflies and birds for your kitties enjoyment

Superior Care

The Royal Pets Hotel and Spa demands the highest standards of care giving. Professional and loving care provided by pet parents who understand the faith you need to have while entrusting your family to us.

We are committed to the care of your pet.

  • Experienced professional personnel (PACCC)

  • Ongoing staff training

  • Mandatory vocational education with continuing educational requirements

  • Caregivers supervised by Veterinary Technicians

  • Low pet to provider ratio