Our Dog Boarding Experience is a luxurious retreat for the canine members of your family.Each canine suite is a hotel room with all the comforts of home. This is not an ordinary dog boarding kennel. Come experience THE ROYAL DIFFERENCE.

  • Comfortable Suites, not crates, not kennels

  • Climate Controlled, cool in summer, toasty in winter

  • Individualized Care

  • Comfortable Raised Bed and Bedding

  • Calming Music played throughout Hotel

  • Full Maid and Laundry Service

  • Exclusive Use of attached porch

  • Customized Activity and Play Options




Canadians don’t hibernate in winter and neither do our dogs. All our rooms have doors which directly connect to individual patio areas.

  • Porches are protected from snow and seasonal elements so your pet can enjoy fresh air and grass all year long!

  • Solid wall and fence construction are fear free recommended specifications

  • Every room has a view

  • your dog has the freedom to chat with thier neighbours, and feel a part of the general activity of the day, or relax inside – they can go back and forth.

  • antimicrobial K9 Grass


Our extensive play areas allow for individual people play or play dates with their favourite canine friend. Our guests enjoy their time in the country exploring the woods, enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds and “Oh the smells” of the forest. We don’t believe in one size fits all or that everyone should be forced to get along. You and your pet choose the level of interaction and fun that suits them and their accustomed lifestyle.

  • 30 acre property

  • 7 fully-fenced play areas (almost 3 acres dedicated to play)

  • Monitored play dates or solo play with people only

  • Interactive games and activities

  • Daily walks on maintained trails

  • Bedtime stories and tuck in

  • Homemade Treats


The Royal Pets Hotel and Enrichment demands the highest standards of care giving. In addition to hiring experienced personnel, and our ongoing staff training, our canine caregivers are always supervised by Our Veterinary Technicians and vocational education is mandatory for all caregivers. We are certified by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC), the international standard for Pet Care. In fact our management team includes the only certified Operator and Manager in Ontario, the two highest levels of expertise.

We are committed to the care of your pet.